Why should I use Thallo?

Thallo saves clients time and money. By using our service, clients have more hours to focus on meeting outcomes. Site selection, procurement, and contract negotiations are time-consuming and detailed processes requiring a lot of man-hours. Thallo does the research, chases down all the necessary information, and compiles the data into a format that is easy for clients to evaluate benefits across all options. Our clients also profit from our extensive hotel experience, global relationships, and buying power. We are experts when it comes to minimizing your liability, negotiating rates, terms, and concessions. Should an issue arise we are there to assist in resolving the matter quickly.

What is Thallo?

Based out of Denver, Colorado, our team is experienced in the procurement of meetings worldwide. We handle the tedious research process of finding the hotels and venues best suited to our clients' needs. Clients benefit from our contracting experience, global relationships, and preferred pricing. Thallo also provides strategic meeting management consultation and solutions. Services range from complete program management and execution to a la carte assistance with registration and housing, web and app development, air ticketing, entertainment, speakers and more.

How is Thallo different than other site selection companies?

Thallo is a boutique organization that prides itself on building relationships. We are motivated by the exciting clients we work with and the meetings and events they execute. Integrity, transparency, and quality of service is our mission. Unlike our competitors, we don’t have any vendor partnerships that create financial bias. Our in-depth RFP system assures your business in taken seriously returning a competitive bid that addresses your objectives. We don’t rely on automated systems that do not fully communicate your needs. We complete a flight analysis, investigate immigration polices, holidays and the like before even beginning the RFP process. As ex-hoteliers we have an in-depth knowledge of hotel operations and pricing models, enabling us to best protect our clients’ interests. We do not disappear once the contract is signed, at Thallo we are always ready to step in when the need arises.

Why should I use Thallo instead of going directly to vendors?

Hotel contracts are constructed for their protection, not yours. We know how to level the playing field. Great rates and concessions are only part of the equation and become meaningless if a hotel cancels your event. Your hotel contract needs to protect you against breaches, hidden costs, participants booking outside the block, embarrassing internet rates, heavy attrition damages, and the like. Thallo has industry know-how and endless connections across the globe. When Thallo puts together a portfolio of hotels and vendors for you to choose from, we present you with options centered on your needs after researching all available possibilities. We’ll present pros and cons based on information we have gathered from past client experiences and industry knowledge.

How does Thallo save me money?

Time is money. Thallo manages the time-consuming research required to find the best available options for your meeting needs. We use our volume buying power to secure better rates than an organization would get by going direct. Thallo understands the industry from the inside out and knows the hot buttons, profit centers, and pain points hotels deal with. Rates and concessions aren’t the only cost savings - a well-negotiated agreement considering contract breaches on the part of the hotel, attrition, hidden costs, and the like is essential to protecting your bottom line. It is a skill that requires time, patience, and an understanding of current trends and the industry’s best practices. Money is made and lost at the negotiation table. Your hotel contract is one of the most significant factors in determining the financial success of your event. Aligning flights, immigration policies, and a variety of other factors is equally critical.

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