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Feb 10, 2018

The corporate landscape has experienced a drastic change, as business operations are expanding at an exponential rate. However, the meeting staff has not increased to keep up with the demand. 

So, how do you figure out if outsourcing is the right option for you? In order to make the right decision, it is important to analyze the needs of your business and understand how outsourcing some or all of your event needs will benefit your organization. To make the process a bit easier for you, here is a list of a few benefits outsourcing provides to you:    

1.   Saves Your Time  

Event planning can be a very stressful and time-consuming task, especially when you have to allocate the task to a small team of staff members that are already working above their capacity. Outsourcing will allow you to shift your crucial duties, such as venue selection, logistics management, contract negotiation, housing requirements, event marketing and other important tasks to a third party that is an expert at handling such situations – allowing your staff to focus on their most important duties. Putting all or most of your focus on planning the event, without paying much attention to the content results in the event turning out to be ineffective for the attendees, hence failing to deliver the purpose.

2.   Expertise 

Companies that provide event planning, site selection, and procurement services have considerable experience in the field, along with the skillset required to carry out the operations in an effective manner. Moreover, they have worked with a huge number of hotels and are well-acquainted with their inner workings, which helps in providing valuable insights regarding the pitfalls and possibilities – allowing you to make a well-informed decision. These experts organize events of all types and corporate meetups on a regular basis, which strengthens their credibility and ability to present the best event management solutions according to your specified budget and business needs.    

3.   Maximizes Your Buying Power

Third party meeting planners have established connections and relationships with the best and the biggest hotels, caterers, marketing companies, content specialists, travel companies, keynote speakers – giving you easy access to experienced, reliable, professional and affordable suppliers and allowing you to land the best deals. You won’t have to waste your time negotiating with the suppliers providing the above-mentioned services. Your event planners will conduct all these activities within your specified budget, and you might even end up saving up on some additional costs.

The next time you are assigned the task of planning a corporate meet up or an event associated with your business, do not be afraid to outsource these duties to reliable and reputable third-party meeting planners.

Thallo can ease things up for you by carrying out some or all the burdensome duties associated with event management so that you can stop worrying and enjoy meeting the outcomes.  If all you need is site selection and assistance with contract negotiation, they are complimentary. However, we also offer full meeting management services based on your needs. Check out our next post in this series on how to find a third party that best suits your needs.

Stay tuned for another post in this series on how to select an outsourcing partner that is right for you.

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